"Rainedout.com has made it much easier to communicate to others about cancellations. It helps make my job easier."

Recreation Supervisor of Athletics

Isle of Palms Rec. Dept.



RainedOut™ was started by a soccer dad/coach one fall morning when the weather just wasn't cooperating.

"Was the game on or off?" It just was not clear (the sky was definitely not clear). After calling the cancellation hotline answering machine a dozen times, it became apparent that there must a better way to communicate game cancellation information that doesn't require rapid speed dials, web page refreshes, or phone tree exercises.

Send game cancellations to mobile phones!

"Why not send the game cancellations right to our cell phones when the decision is made?" the coach asked the league administrator. "That way we can get on with our day, and IF the game is rained out, then the league can send an alert to the parents in their cars, at the mall, or wherever they may be." Loudoun Soccer agreed to give the idea a try, and within weeks, thousands of parents signed up for the game cancellation alerts.